Monthly Archives: June 2016

Cross Section / X-Ray of a Spacesuit

A look at (through) your primitive space apparel humans.

How the Iceland National Football Team Was Actually Selected

This is somewhat related to the previous post.

Swedish Stag Prank is the Funniest of Them All

I travelled back in time to fetch this old gem for you...

This Brex It Down So Well

The British end of the Channel Tunnel this morning.

Africa Without Colonization

... and with the world uʍop ǝpᴉsdn.

Crazy New Year’s Eve Photo is a Renaissance Masterpiece

No, the Renaissance is not over. It was reborn.

Foxes as Pets? Only if This Happens

This is how you get your pet fox.

The Way Hungarian Fans Cheered in Marseille is Bombastic

Here’s what 30.000 Hungarian football fans cheering in unison sound like.
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