Monthly Archives: January 2016

Infographic Forefather from 1842

Could this be the first example of the “modern day infographic”?

The Real Face of Jesus

Interesting to note...

Photographer Documents Soviet Bus Stops and is Accused of Spying

Some really cool (weird?) bus stops and an interesting story.

The Extent of Light Pollution

You can't even look into space if you are not at the right place.

Mashin’ Up With Grandma

Cool mash, this Grandmash.

Incredible Camper Folds Out to Triple its Size

Check out how fabulous it looks. Why isn't this thing mass produced?

Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations

A rather complex and spectacular chart about radiation from the end of WWII times.

Children’s Monster Doodles Recreated by Professional Artists

All heavy, if not all metal. Anyway, this guy is heavy metal.

Paris as a Movie Set (4K)

Paris as a Potemkin village.
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