Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Last Hippie Standing (Sitting): Goa in 2000

A cool documentary about Goa, parties and ‘hippies’ in 2000.

The Curious Frontier of Red

Hilarious exchange between a graffiti artist and the graffiti removal guys.

Most Expensive Paintings by Country

I love those paintings being showcased this way.

The Playable Tortilla Vinyl

DJs can now literally feed their music to their fans.

Anatomy of a Mushroom, a Flower and a Cactus

A really nice take on plant anatomy.

Greek Crisis Street Art

Greek street artists are in pain too.

The Surreal Dreams of Google’s Artificial Intelligence

RE: the previous post, here's what this Google Deep Dream is all about.

Google Deep Dream Turns ‘Fear and Loathing’ Into an Even Nastier Trip

I never thought you could take 'Fear and Loathing' even further, and that it would be Google that does so.

Where We Live

Is this population distribution really only due to what direction the pilgrim fathers came from?

Music Is My Drug: Psychedelic Trance

A really interesting movie about psychedelic trance.

5,000 Years of Religion in 90 seconds

How we have conquered and killed in the name of God.
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