Monthly Archives: July 2015

What Happens in One Hour After Drinking Coke

Oh my God, that’s why I prefer drinking beer.

1000 Musicians Play Foo Fighters Song

A rocking love confession from 1000 people to Dave Grohl. Dave, pleeeaaase...

The Locations Behind Iconic Album Sleeves

This also shows how record (sleeve)s have gone out of fashion. No new ones...

Pluto vs. Australia: How Big (Small) Pluto Really Is

I think I now have an idea about how big (small) Pluto is.

The Most Impressive 360° Video Ever

Look around in the world (for real:))

World’s Dirtiest Man Has Not Bathed in 60 Years

Because dirtiness preserves your health.

History of Earth on Fascinating Infographics from 3400 Million Years Ago to Present

Earthlings, here's the history of your planet from 3400 million years ago up to your present. I hope you will do your best to allow it to live for at least another 3400 million years (I'm doing my best too).

Mega Collection of the Best Condom Ads Ever

A mega collection of condom ads to make you want to stay responsible.

hitchBOT: The Hicthiker Robot

For God's sake Americans, give him a ride!

How Pluto ‘Came Closer’ to Us Over the Years

An amazing animated GIF that brings Pluto closer to us.

Atmos – Klein aber Doctor, Ozora 2011 (Are you the Condom?)

In preparation for Ozora 2015 (I need to find out).
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