Monthly Archives: May 2015

World’s Creepiest Cakes

"Nothing is too weird for the Conjurer’s Kitchen! Seriously…."

My Goa Movie: Goa Trip in 1991

The history of (psy)trance backtracked to 1991.

The Minimalist Beauty of a Renaissance-Era Geometry Book

I never thought geometry could be that amazing.

The Devil’s Shoes

Some weird shoes made of animal parts.

The Evolution of Bicycles

How bicycles evolved over time.

Meat This Tinder User

How likes are made on Tinder.

Goa Parties in 1992

Check out the guys in the Millennium Falcon in 1992. Were you part of the crew already?

Weird Soccer Fields from Brazil

I guess you can really learn to play soccer on these kinds of fields. Especially when you are on the wrong side.

Young Couple Get Masked and Revealed as Their Old Counterparts

Man, that told them a lot about aging, in advance. I don't think I envy them.

The Last of the Samurai

The last photos of real samurai and their courtesans in the final days of feudal Japan.

The Spice of Life

A spicy project indeed.
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