Monthly Archives: April 2015

How to Control Someone Else’s Arm with Your Brain

A new meaning to being brainwashed is on the horizon.

Toy Anatomy

Our favorite toys dissected.

What if Mozart Had a Printer

Dot matrix printers can play music well. Really well.

A Real Cowgirl

Girl riding cow like a horse... for real...

What DJing Looks Like Today

Where mixing can get these days...

Yamaha Design Teams Swap Roles

Wow, this God of Thunder Drums prototype rocks, and so does the rest.

Live Music Wheel

A giant wheel spinning musicians.

Cost Obsessions Around the World

Slaves, kidneys and in vitro fertilization are among the more controversial country search queries.

Man Takes Giant Tortoise Out for a Stroll in Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo, don't be surprised to see a man taking a giant tortoise for a walk.

Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time

An interesting social experiment involving feminists and GTA.

Flying Versions of Modern Cars

This one reminds me of the Millennium Falcon. The rest is unstoppably cool too.
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