Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Consequences Of Touching Yourself

Think twice before you touch yourself (again).

Babies Dressed as Senior Citizens

Uhh, this is kind of weird… The spirit of Benjamin Button is alive…

Different Foods After a Year in the Fridge

The fruits are in surprisingly good shape but wait till you see the rest...

How to Multiply Chocolate

Chocolate factories will go bankrupt!

Currency Exchange in Somaliland

It's easy to be a billionaire in Somaliland but...

Social Media in Real Life

Social media reenacted in real life for you to draw the conclusions.

Clever ‘3D’ Drawings by HuskMitNavn

Clever and fun drawings by a Danish artist.

Knights of the Round Ping Pong Table

This has potential. A lot of potential.

Hidden Patterns of America Revealed

Stunning images pulsate with the rhythm of the US.
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