Monthly Archives: February 2015

Does Money Make You Mean?

This must be the reason why I'm not mean at all.

So Many Questions

Yes, we have the answer as to why that thing is there, do you?

Cool Facts About the Making of Movies

An organic follow up to the previous post.

The Oscars On Acid

oscars on acid by south parkers
Here's what it's like to attend the Oscars on acid, in women’s clothes, as a man.

Famous Photographers With Their Iconic Images

...and they tell you the story of their photographs.

Robotic Beer Holder

This one hits hard.

The Longest Graffiti Ever?

And this is just a small section of it.

Yin and Yang of World Hunger

So true, unfortunately.

Is Free Energy Near?

What do you think? Is this crap? Or is what the energy mafia's telling us the real crap?

Black Guy Dance Moves vs. White Guy Dance Moves

Here is how they segregate dance moves, but I believe it's best to mix them.

Introducing Spot

You can kick it (it won’t fall), but it might not be long before his buddies kick you.

Fifty Years of Space Exploration

Well, it is American space exploration really, but still rather cool.
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