Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Dutch Windwheel

Have a closer look at this giant wheel, that is, an environmentally friendly city within the city of Rotterdam.

100 Crazy Facts

We think you'll find these interesting.

Home Chaos (or Best Case Scenario?)

Fun photography of our chaotic home lives.

The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting

A great animated sketch show á la Monty Python made by Jungleboys for ABC1 in Australia.

(All) The Best from Banksy (50 Pics)

We have published quite a few posts on street art but nothing from Banksy… yet.

Officials Urge Americans To Sort Plastics, Glass Into Separate Oceans

The US has finally decided to collect trash selectively...

Histomap: The Relative Power of Nations and Empires Over History

How the relative power of states, nations and empires changed through 4000 years of history.

The Amazing Story Of Voytek The Soldier Bear

Those crazy Poles make everyone drunk all the time, and bears are no exception.

The Galaxy’s Most Trippy Igloo

I've partied in one of these but it was too small for my body (but not my mind).

Galluscam: The Chicken Camera

You won't believe the rationale behind it.

Star Wars Propaganda Posters

These propaganda posters are proof that a new Star War is on the horizon.
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