Monthly Archives: November 2014

What Boys Have vs. What Girls Have

Do you belong to the flexible minority of men or happen to have a larger meat muffin than Anna Swan’s?

How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives

Should we rearrange the shelves in our drug (and liquor) stores accordingly?

Worst Examples of Latin American Fotonovelas

These things have been popular with a reason.

Awesome 3D Tattoos

Ufonaut Benyo has sent us an update from the world of tattoos.

How many times has Hollywood sold us the same story?

 The exact reason why I've quit watching Hollywood movies altogether.

Two Women on Opposing Sides of the World Play the Guitar in Non-Traditional Ways

A lesson about finding new ways when there's no one there to teach you.

Suffocating the World

The painful truth about our plastic bag mania.

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

This was probably the first time someone used a drone to create great footage of the area.

Japanese Janitor Creates Unbelievably Complex Maze

This guy must have had a lot of spare time and just could not end it.

La Détente: Epic 3D Film About WWI

2 guys dedicated their spare time over 4 years to create this epic 3D film which tells the story of a French soldier in WWI.

Classic Paintings Repainted Without Characters

I find this one to be the most striking of them all.
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