Monthly Archives: October 2014

What If Star Wars Was One Of Us

Photographer Thomas Dagg pays homage to his childhood, when he saw characters from Star Wars all around him.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man

The other day we learnt how women are being harassed in NYC, and now here is the same kind of thing with a young white nerd as the sufferer.


A rather sensationalist but still very powerful and shocking set of images that will definitely make you feel sad. The Auschwitz gas chamber is the worst of it all, even though not a single person or dead body is shown.

Artist Asked to Draw Under Influence of LSD

During the 1950s, an artist was given two 50-microgram doses of LSD and was consequently encouraged to draw pictures of the doctor who administered the drugs. See how the researcher (or rather his patient) changed through the experiment.


Here is something funny for you to play around with in the next 5 minutes. I guess the different facial parts belong to the staff of the advertising agency that this comes from.

The Different Types of Wine

We had a similar post about beer already, and now here is a follow up from Wine Folley.

Star Wars Episode IV Retold in Iconoscope

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars might be viewed in hieroglyphics?

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Learn from Rob Bliss Creative how women are harassed in NYC. Poor chicks...

A Tale of Momentum and Inertia

A really cool award-winning CG animated short by House Special.

A Beautiful Language Family Tree

A very artistic, yet linguistically precise, language family tree by artist Minna Sundberg.
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