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Sad Desk Lunch

Remember: when you are really disappointed after your sad desk lunch tomorrow, you can always console yourself by submitting it to this blog.

Troll Face Quest 5

And here is another leisure activity for breaks: troll the games.

Soccer Shirts Made of Cigarette Boxes

Something you can do in the breaks of World Cup matches, especially when you are pulling for your team and have smoked a whole pack by the break.

Check Out Earthly Mission on Your Smart Phone

This is just to note that Earthly Mission is perfectly enjoyable on smart phones as well.

Digital Effects You See in Films These Days

Wow, this was one of the 10 films I watched from start to end in the last 5 years, and I knew there was a lot of humbug behind it. Well, anyway, I guess this is how they make films these days. But then you wonder why the first Star Wars movies (for example) looked so lifelike, and everything...

The Crowd at a Rock Show

This is just in case you are a rocker and were planning to make a gig these days.

12 Signs That You Are a Computerholic

These are some serious symptoms which I can trace in my own family.

Still Watching?

Then don't forget about those comments please. It would be great to get something else than commercial spam.

Renault F1 Singing “La Marseillaise”

I know this is old, but I still like it. The English version is also nice.

Bio Motion Lab: Walker

A nice interactive walking generator, or what to call it...

Watching TV for the First Time… an appliance store window in 1948. The rest of this collection is also quite amazing.


Still watching football, erghhh, I mean soccer? Well, I am not, I am blogging (this).
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