100 Crazy Facts

100 interesting facts encountered on the Slightly Warped Website. We, ufonauts on an earthly mission to extract the juice of the Internet can attest that the galaxy is very big indeed, and home is far away.




bee groundhog_day

internationalspacestation utopia adam_west university_of_derp starwars lake_superior dons_plum koala sonic betty_white nba batman aidshatebeak tourette flags venus satan walmart irish honey grass aircraft_carrier bill_gates tornados nintendo rkelly t-rex alaska harvard sand mozart trailers fck first_lady scrat continuum chicken oxford pusillanimous agatha_christie bill_murray sunflowers trinity pee gangnam_style cs_lewis poo dora candy_desk time genetic barnacle further_up earlobes cookie spider five_hour big_bang corn_flakes landmine mr_t nbforrest custersrevenge newyear nationalanthem brazilnut titanic dino-feathers statueliberty pringles illiterate graphitti vampire rembradt superman caganer black_sabbath fish_called spanish_inquisition april11 poop tennisfortwo huns colleseum microgravity fruit whatacartoon king_tut god shakespear eggs mpaa pony_express banana


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