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Zippos from Vietnam

These Zippos belonged to US soldiers who engraved them with texts that are sometimes optimistic, but more often pessimistic as hell. (Read more about the project, photographed by Bradford Edwards, here).

zippos_from_vietnam_021014_4zippos_from_vietnam_021014_7zippos_from_vietnam_021014_1 zippos_from_vietnam_021014_2 zippos_from_vietnam_021014_3 zippos_from_vietnam_021014_5 zippos_from_vietnam_021014_6 zippos_from_vietnam_021014_8zippos_from_vietnam_021014_9


Via Wall to Watch

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  1. Alex

    “pessimistic as hell” I’m sure if you ever saw war you might be a bit pessimistic about it as well.
    Just struck me as a odd choice of words prehaps

    “War is Hell”.

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