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World’s Largest Doodles Made by Artist Riding a Bike with GPS


We love GPS as an artistic medium. Apparently, one of the pioneers of GPS art is Stephen Lund, who creates clever doodles using a GPS app that maps his progress while cycling his daily 70 kms. The BC, Canada native began his unusual craft in 2015 and since then, he’s logged 22,300km. His longest piece was a 220km mermaid.

“The best ones pop off the map,” Lund says, explaining his process. “I liken it to seeing shapes in the clouds. I pour [sic] over a map of the city…The challenge is that the roads all have to connect — it has to be one continuous line.”

bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-2 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-3 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-4 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-5 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-6 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-7 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-8 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-9 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-10 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-11 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-12 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-14 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-15 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-16 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-17 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-18 bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-19

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