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Woodstock is 45 Years Young

These pictures came via this cool Hungarian blog and made me realize that the big party happened 45 years ago already.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comPhotos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-1c Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-7Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-10 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-11 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-13 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-24 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-25 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-29 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-30 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-31 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-32 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-33 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-34 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-35 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-37 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-39 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-40 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-42 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-43 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-44 Photos-of-Life-at-Woodstock-1969-46 PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by PUBLISHED by

Life Magazine photos by John Dominis and Bill Eppridge


  1. Jay

    I wonder how many of those people are dead now? Any actuaries out there?

  2. SteveH

    There were several big concerts like this one. Concert 10 in the Poconos in 1972 was attended by ~250k and the Watkins Glen NY concert in 1973 had 600k people. This was a time when everyone had a “here we are. Lets have fun and make the best of it” attitude. Nobody was judgmental, everyone was there to have a good time. If you wanted to meet someone, you just walked up and started talking. Everyone shared food, smokes, wine, water.

    I went to all three and have fond memories. About 20 of us caravanned from Connecticut in several cars and found each other because we had painted several “Mr Natural” flags – so you just looked for the flag and you were golden. I tried driving my VW around Pocono Raceway but there were too many people and the curves were banked at such an angle that I didn’t get too far, chickened out. The guy camped next to us at Watkins Glen had a dog named Frodo.

    About 15 minutes into the Grateful Dead, it started raining raining raining! Nobody cared. The Dead played a three hour set, took about an hour break, and then another 2-3 hours. Then the Allman Bros, and then Bob Dylan (who was ‘meh’).

  3. Lynda West

    Woodstock was amazing because of the number of people who came together, unsupervised by police, in peace. Never again will you see that kind of harmony in a crowd that large. Hippies were about peace, love and understanding. Too bad the drugs took their toll, people started college and, yes, sold out to corporate America.

  4. GB

    Ah to be civilized again, eh??

    • freebird


      • Gavy Wravy


  5. Haha

    Those ladies weren’t fully nude! They had their fur bikini’s on….

  6. Scott

    Wow, a momentous time in our history, and we’re still talking about. With the decriminalization of marijuana taking place across north America, will there ever be another Woodstock – never like that one – never, Great Post, thanks, Scott, Barrie On. Canada

    • Gavy Wravy

      Could never happen again. It was more than just getting a lot of stoned people together for an outside concert. It was the right combination of youth culture and music that worked for just a minute or two and can never be recreated. The general attitude of people today, and the current paradigm would never allow anything like this to happen. It’s something completely beyond the understanding of today’s youth. Completely lost on them. Woodstock could have been a humanitarian tragedy, but somehow it worked. $10.00 bottles of water and Kanye West don’t cut it. Selfie’s at the Port-A-San? Naww….

    • Gavy Wravy

      Another thing a lot of people should realize, especially younger generations, is that people were freer back then. Not as uptight and rule crazy as today. More independently minded. Less shallow and superficial. Now everyone is obsessed with labels and what you classify as. More socially segregated now than ever.

    • johan Verkerk

      Many, many people yearn for a freer, less regulated world. But fear of litigation has made it necessary for everyone to fill out forms, impose procedures, whatever it takes to divert blame and cover our arses. And its not just America. Every developed country and then some is now under this yolk. Everyone reading this will have their story of safety regulations gone mad. But if a kid breaks his arm while climbing a tree, will there be a witch hunt for some one to sue? Of course there will, so ban this, ban that. By letting the tree grow you have not done all you can to prevent an accident. $$$$$$$$$.

  7. Ti Thompson

    Best 5 days spent in my life working on lights and enjoying the greatest event in musical history. August 1969 lives forever as it was the 1st and only one to be revered!!

  8. Jill

    Everyone was so skinny!

    • Troy

      no electronics ie. tablets, phones, you would see. people sit on asses getting bigger and lazier. Funny you never see a kid ona bike eating a pear . Great eyes! let that be a lesson to us all. I lift. do you lift?

    • Fred Farkle

      No everyone is so overfed now! ….and they exercised too….of course this generation’s thumbs are over the top in shape so they got that goin fer em!!!!

    • Vince

      “Everyone was so skinny!” – Jill

      Yes! First thing I noticed too. Everybody was skinny and healthy. What have we become?

  9. sprout

    Dad was there trash was left yes but wave grave and the hog farm stayed and picked up every last piece. The other years were a catastrophe duh. Just cause u don’t understand don’t mean you can judge. I don’t understand you but who imam I to say what is right and wrong in your world

  10. captain obvious

    It looks like it smelled bad.

  11. benny

    And then… They all sold out and went corporate!

  12. Jk

    Trash heaps left everywhere. I never understood why this was so romanticized. Hippies are so self righteous.

    • bob

      I picked up trash by a little grocery store when the owner complained. Worked maybe ten minutes and found a ten dollar bill in the gutter. 🙂

  13. dim dadragon

    nice pics to bad of all the garbage left behind tho

    • Gavy Wravy

      It was before everyone got anal about stuff like that. If you’ve ever seen the film, thousands of people stayed behind to help clean up after it was over.

  14. Jim

    Grass can hide a cave but it cant hide a mountain

    • Gavy Wravy


  15. phoebus

    was there, average, too much rain

  16. Kathryn Camfield

    I was there.

    • Spacemaker

      Wow! Could you tell us a story, something about your impressions, anything? Please!

    • Kwabena osafo-buabeng

      Where were these pictures taken and what was the event. If you were there with of the pictures are you talking about. They are nice pictures though

    • bob

      hi…me 2. one of my favorite people I met was the guy who serviced the portapotties..genuinely nice guy.

    • bob

      I was there too Kathryn, at least I believe I was…some of the memories are getting a little fuzzy….grins!

  17. Minman

    Great pictures.

    Although I question why full nude shots of woman can be shown, and not of the men?

    • Gn8

      Because it’s against the common standards of the country (seriously, other than porn do you ever see full frontal male nudity?).

      • Nona

        Well as a friend said, “America is a bunch of Puritan pukes” and I think it’s true judging by our genital averse yet murder is fine culture.

    • Blackadder

      Oh shut up Minman, with this feminist crap. Woman looks nice naked, man not. Pure and simple.

    • bob

      right…got my butt in Vogue magazine though…Mom recognized me based on the birthmark on my left side…still looking for that picture to show the grandkids.

      • Spacemaker

        Haha, that’s hilarious Bob, thanks for sharing!

        • bob

          You are welcome!

    • Gavy Wravy

      What women have is hidden. Everything men have is outside. And definitely not as pleasant to look at.

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