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When an Architectual Designer Starts Baking Cakes


This is what happens. Dinara Kasko is an Ukranian pastry chef who combines baking with geometric figures and architectural designs. She approaches her desserts as if they were buildings, thus creating the most special edible structures ever.

“I have many unrealized ideas and a great desire to experiment. I don’t want to imitate others; I want to create something new,” Kasko told So Good Magazine.

But does she ever let anyone eat any of this…?

architectural-cake-designs-1architectural-cake-designs-21 architectural-cake-designs-3 architectural-cake-designs-4 architectural-cake-designs-5 architectural-cake-designs-6 architectural-cake-designs-7 architectural-cake-designs-8 architectural-cake-designs-9 architectural-cake-designs-10 architectural-cake-designs-11 architectural-cake-designs-12 architectural-cake-designs-13 architectural-cake-designs-14 architectural-cake-designs-15 architectural-cake-designs-16 architectural-cake-designs-17 architectural-cake-designs-18 architectural-cake-designs-19 architectural-cake-designs-20 architectural-cake-designs-22architectural-cake-designs-23

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