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What a 980-Pound Man Looks Like On The Inside

computer-animation-of-a-guy-who-weighs-almost- 1,000-pounds-1

What you see on these pictures is a computer animation of the body of Briton Keith Martin, a 70-stone (980-pound) man who was the subject of a program on Channel 5 called 70 Stone & Almost Dead. The show tracked Martin’s efforts to lose weight and stand up for the first time in two years. At his biggest, Martin had a BMI of 155 and doctors apparently gave him just two years to live unless he lost weight. If you have any info on how he’s doing now, please share. Man, do rock on!

computer-animation-of-a-guy-who-weighs-almost- 1,000-pounds-2bcomputer-animation-of-a-guy-who-weighs-almost- 1,000-pounds-3

via Buzzfeed, Bartoolsports

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