Earthly Mission

Weirdo Foot Gear Mega Collection

I originally meant this as a post mainly for ladies (after all those tech news):


But then I realized that we, men, also suffer…


See what’s become of my last pair of boots?


Anyway, the major part of this post is dedicated to ladies:

weird_shoes_150814_4 weird_shoes_150814_5 weird_shoes_150814_6 weird_shoes_150814_7 weird_shoes_150814_8 weird_shoes_150814_9 weird_shoes_150814_10 weird_shoes_150814_11 weird_shoes_150814_12 weird_shoes_150814_13 weird_shoes_150814_14 weird_shoes_150814_15 weird_shoes_150814_16 weird_shoes_150814_17 weird_shoes_150814_18 weird_shoes_150814_19 weird_shoes_150814_20 weird_shoes_150814_21 weird_shoes_150814_22

And then here is the men’s/misc section:
weird_shoes_150814_24 weird_shoes_150814_25 weird_shoes_150814_26 weird_shoes_150814_27 weird_shoes_150814_28 weird_shoes_150814_29

Finally, these last ones are just for practice:

weird_shoes_150814_30 weird_shoes_150814_31 weird_shoes_150814_32 weird_shoes_150814_33

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  1. gloria

    i like the shoe

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