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Weird Cars from the Soviet Union


No, it wasn’t all about Ladas in the Soviet Union, even though most of the vehicles below never made it to the public. Their names are mostly acronyms of Russian words and not too informative, so I didn’t feel an urge to include them here.

Soviet-UNion-Cars-7Soviet-UNion-Cars-8Soviet-Union-Cars-9Soivet-Union-Cars-19Soviet-Union-Cars-6Soviet-Union-Cars-11Soviet-Union-Cars-5Soviet-Union-Cars-4Soviet-Union-Cars-3Soivet-Union-Cars-15Soivet-Union-Cars-14OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASoivet-Union-Cars-10Soivet-Union-Cars-20 Soivet-Union-Cars-18 Soivet-Union-Cars-17 Soivet-Union-Cars-16

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