Earthly Mission

Weird But Awesome Facts

The future of Facebook is with dead people, and the present with whores born in 1996…

weird_facts_161214_1 weird_facts_161214_2 weird_facts_161214_3 weird_facts_161214_4 weird_facts_161214_5 weird_facts_161214_6 weird_facts_161214_7 weird_facts_161214_8 weird_facts_161214_9 weird_facts_161214_10 weird_facts_161214_11 weird_facts_161214_12 weird_facts_161214_13 weird_facts_161214_14 weird_facts_161214_15 weird_facts_161214_16 weird_facts_161214_17 weird_facts_161214_18

Via Pulptastic

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