Two-Country Mural to Highlight Immigration Issues


Street artist MTO recently completed a two-part mural in Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy entitled, “The Mediterranean Tunnel“. The two-part mural highlights immigration issues in the two countries (see more pictures below). This project is a continuation of last year’s “The Mediterranean Door“, that MTO completed for the Malta Street Art Festival at Sliema’s sea front (see picture at bottom).

mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-2 mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-3 mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-4 mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-5 mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-7 mto-2-part-mural-in-two-countries-to-highlight-immigration-issues-8

MTO on Facebook via Twisted Sifter

  1 comment for “Two-Country Mural to Highlight Immigration Issues

  1. Gregory
    August 27, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Not sure how got to your website today think i saw stmioheng about quilt classes on the civil list and then started poking around your site what a beautiful surprise to find this photo of you and denis and the mural. The world is better for the beauty he left

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