Then and Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives


How has the feline world responded to the emergence of the modern technological revolution? The answer can be found in this revealing before and after series compiled by Bored Panda. As you can see from these pictures, cats have no idea what to believe anymore. Well, we neither.

how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-1 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-2 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-3 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-4 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-5 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-6 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-7 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-8 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-9 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-10 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-11 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-12 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-13 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-14 how-technology-has-changed-cats-lives-15

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