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The Russian Fairy Tale on Surreal Photos

junge Polizeianwärter im Psycholgieraum der MVD Polizeischule ( genaue Bezeichnung bitte bei Bettina Sengling erfragen ) während einer audio-visuellen Entspannungstherapie.

In his series Time In Between – Fairy Tale Of Russia, Moscow-based photographer Frank Herfort captures amazing and surreal scenes throughout Russia. The idea came to him during a stay in Russia some years ago, at a time when he was beginning to develop an interest in the aesthetic aspect of public spaces.

“In Western Europe everything is so neatly defined, so specific. A waiting room is a waiting room, an office is an office. In Russia, in contrast, rooms are open to interpretation, many-layered and not so prettified. And I also noticed that there seem to be many more people just sitting around in them. None of them seems at first sight to know what they are doing there. I tried to integrate people like that into my pictures.”

russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_2 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_3 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_4 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_5 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_6 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_7 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_8Elena Sergeja ,Saubermachen nach der Neujahrsfeier im Dorfklub, Wandgemaelde aus Sowjetzeiten von Künstler aus Bologe, naechste Stadt 30km, ganz links Tafel zur Erinnerung an den Sieg des zweiten Weltkriegesrussian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_10 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_11 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_12 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_13 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_14Dorfaerztin Elena Jegorowa mit Patientin Svetlana im Behandlungsraum, Leninplakat an der Deckerussian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_16 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_17 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_18 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_19 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_20 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_21Tatjana am Telefon,einzige Telefon , ausser bei Elena Dorfaerztin, im Dorfrussian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_23 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_24Aleksandra Jegorowa, , zu Hause bei Elena, der Dorfaerztinrussian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_26 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_27 russian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_28Viktor mit seinem Pferdeschlitten auf dem Weg von Zukunft nach Timkova im maerchenhaft verschneiten Waldrussian-fairy-tale-on-surreal-photos_30

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