Earthly Mission

The Peacemaker Bus


All hail the ultimate hippie vehicle, the Peacemaker Bus, that was spotted somewhere in the US by Imgur user vcelloho. He was curious to learn more and possibly peep inside, and upon inquiry it turned out that the bus was one of two Peacemaker buses owned by the Twelve Tribes, who invited him inside. Here is what he saw.

peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_1b peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_2 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_3 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_4 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_5 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_6 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_7 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_8 peacemaker_bus_from_outside_and_inside_9

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