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The Observable Universe on a Single Image

entire-universe-on-one-imageComprehending the scope of the universe is something that appears to be beyond your abilities humans, but here’s someone who has at least summed up the scope of the known cosmos within a single image. South American musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi did that trick for you by combining a number of logarithmic maps, created by Princeton, with images sourced from NASA satellites and rovers.

The staggering map places the sun and our solar system at the centre, with the rest of the cosmos spiralling outwards. Features include the Milky Way Galaxy, the Perseus arm, other nearby galaxies such as Andromeda, and the rest of the cosmic web. The circular image closes off with a ring of cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang, as well as a halo of plasma, also generated by the Big Bang.

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via My Modern Met

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