Earthly Mission

The Irony of Life

Great examples of situational irony from real life.

the-irony-of-life-0 the-irony-of-life-1 the-irony-of-life-2 the-irony-of-life-3 the-irony-of-life-4 the-irony-of-life-5 the-irony-of-life-6 the-irony-of-life-7 the-irony-of-life-8 the-irony-of-life-9 the-irony-of-life-10 the-irony-of-life-12 the-irony-of-life-13

via Slightly Warped

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  1. Luisinho

    The picture doesn’t sugegst to me that the ball is on the foot of the background player that would make the ball about twice as big as it should be. The ball is at the correct scale and level of focus for its apparent position in the foreground.

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