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The Filming of Hair: Never Seen Unpublished Photos

The following rare photos, which have never been published indeed, were not taken by a professional photographer. Instead, they come from a regular bypasser (on second photo) who bumped into a road closure on Pulaski Skyway during winter 1977 to find out it was due to a scene of Hair (apparently one that was cut from the final version) being filmed right at that moment. Instead of getting agitated, he got his camera and managed to take some photos of the main actors and other members of the crew.

behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_1 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_2 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_5


behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_6 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_7


behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_9 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_10 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_11 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_12 behind_the_scenes_hair_231014_13


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  1. Rita

    Heck of a job there, it abstluoely helps me out.

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