Earthly Mission

The End of Silence


Hello Earth! This blog is edited by Spacemaker and his friends who are portrayed on the blog headline above in their old cabrio spaceship as they are approaching Earth from their native Planet Anchor situated in galaxy far-far away. Their mission is to inform earthlings about anything that is unexpected, mysterious, weird or just otherwordly funny or interesting. In a sense, this blog is a follow up to Spacemaker’s X-files which Spacemaker did for seven years in Hungarian (but then spent much of the past year in silence). You can check it out here:


Spacemaker’s X-Files


And for those of you who don’t speak that Martian language, here goes the international version. Enjoy!


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  1. Spacemaker

    by alpha I mean the first posts

  2. Spacemaker

    wow, thanks, just saw this now. Should go back to alpha more often.

  3. sleepdancer

    welcome back space 🙂

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