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The Child and the Little Golden Book of Words


This rare out-of-print gem by Selma Lola Chambers, originally published in 1948, comes from The Little Golden Book of Words (public library). The charming vintage illustrations are by Gertrude Elliott and I have to say that her essential associations between words and their pictorial representations do have something to say about the era they were born in.

little-golden-book-of-words-1 little-golden-book-of-words-2 little-golden-book-of-words-3 little-golden-book-of-words-4 little-golden-book-of-words-5 little-golden-book-of-words-6 little-golden-book-of-words-7 little-golden-book-of-words-8 little-golden-book-of-words-9 little-golden-book-of-words-10 little-golden-book-of-words-11 little-golden-book-of-words-12 little-golden-book-of-words-13 little-golden-book-of-words-14 little-golden-book-of-words-15 little-golden-book-of-words-16 little-golden-book-of-words-17

via Brain Pickings

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