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The Art of Clean Up


German artist Ursus Werhli takes obsessive compulsive behavior to a whole new level by organizing various objects and situations in orderly ways. Below is a selection from his book, “The Art of Clean Up”.

art-of-clean-up-scene1 art-of-clean-up-scene2 art-of-clean-up-soup1 art-of-clean-up-soup2art-of-clean-up-branch1 art-of-clean-up-branch2art-of-clean-up-fruit1 art-of-clean-up-fruit2art-of-clean-up-lot1art-of-clean-up-lot2

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  1. Laddich

    He is not from germany. Ursus Wehrli comes from Switzerland. The german speaking part of switzerland.

    • Minot OCD

      You forgot to capitalize the proper nouns Germany and Switzerland.

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