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Surveillance Society 2.0: Your Face is Big Data


Are you recognizable when you are in public places? Yes, any time, given you are on social media.


Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov shot complete strangers among subway commuters in St Petersburg for a 6 weeks period, and then run their portraits with the facial recognition app FindFace to track down their internet profiles. Yes, it’s scary, but it worked 80% of the time. Do you commute?

facial-recognition-identification-russia-2 facial-recognition-identification-russia-3 facial-recognition-identification-russia-4 facial-recognition-identification-russia-5 facial-recognition-identification-russia-6 facial-recognition-identification-russia-7 facial-recognition-identification-russia-9 facial-recognition-identification-russia-10

via Egor Tsvetkov, Demilked

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