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Stunning 3D Graffiti by Portuguese Street Artist

Odeith is an extremely talented street artist based in Portugal who creates incredible floating 3D paintings. I mean see for yourself below.

3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_1 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_2 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_3 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_4 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_5 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_6 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_7 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_8 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_9 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_10 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_11 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-081204_12

Via boredpanda

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