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Stereoscopic Animated GIFs from Japan 1895-1910


Banzai! Here is a worthy follow up to our post on the last of the samurai: Ufonaut Benyo called our attention to these stereoscopic photographs by T. Enami that provides us with a glimpse into the everyday life of Japan after the last true samurai. The original stereoscopic photos were turned into animated GIFs by Okinawa Soba.


steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan1 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan2 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan3 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan4  steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan6  steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan8 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan9 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan10 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan11 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan12 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan13 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan14 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan15 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan16 steroscopic-animated-gifs-old-japan18

via Visual News

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