Sherlock Holmes: Examining the Evidence (In Charts)

Sherlock Holmes made his appearance as the world’s most famous detective over a century ago, and thanks to Adam Frost/Jim Kynvin his startling deductions are now summed up in great infographics:

sherlock-holmes-chart_1 sherlock-holmes-chart_2 sherlock-holmes-chart_3 sherlock-holmes-chart_4 sherlock-holmes-chart_5 sherlock-holmes-chart_6 sherlock-holmes-chart_7 sherlock-holmes-chart_8 sherlock-holmes-chart_9 sherlock-holmes-chart_10 sherlock-holmes-chart_11 sherlock-holmes-chart_12 sherlock-holmes-chart_13bsherlock-holmes-chart_14 sherlock-holmes-chart_15 sherlock-holmes-chart_16 sherlock-holmes-chart_17

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