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Same Newspaper in All Hollywood Movies?

Do you notice something strange about the newspapers in these movies? (see explanation below)


How can that be? Well, apparently movie companies have used this same newspaper prop for 50 years: it comes from a small company known as The Earl Hays Press located in California, which has been printing this specific prop piece since the 1960’s. The papers come with a customizable front page, but the inside and back are always exactly the same. The fact that the inside always features a prominent photo of a dark-haired young woman is probably what caught the eye of the guy who discovered this “news” in the first place. And we have dug up the article about that woman, so here you go:


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  1. Nishant Srivastava

    Never noticed this amazing fact, I Don’t know the exact reason behind this but that’s makes cinema interesting you can get many interesting facts about the small things in Hollywood films.

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