If you feel these purses resemble something that only women have, you are probably right as artist Suzanna Scott has explored their most feminine side indeed. Here’s the explanation:

“Before the days of debit cards the coin purse was a necessary item. Today there are a plethora of these kisslock pockets floating around in flea markets on and off-line. After soliciting friends on social media to assist me in gathering coin purses for this project I got down to business. The purses were cleaned (as needed!) and each one turned inside out. They are made of a variety of fabrics and leather. Some with one layer, others with multiple layers of fabric. I assess each one carefully and after a few pinches, tucks, folds and stitches I say voilà…..a vulva!”

purseys-suzanna-scott-1 purseys-suzanna-scott-2 purseys-suzanna-scott-3 purseys-suzanna-scott-4 purseys-suzanna-scott-5

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