Earthly Mission

Portraits of Brave People Revealing Their Insecurities


In the What I Be Project by photographer Steve Rosenfield participants bare their souls writing their biggest insecurities on their bodies with markers and then letting Steve photograph them. As put by Steve:

“Subjects are putting their insecurities out in the open, and exposing a side of themselves that nobody has seen before. By stating “I am not my_____,” they are claiming that they do in fact struggle with these issues, but it does not define who they are as a person. They are not denying their insecurity, they are owning it … These are serious issues that some of us can live with, but most battle on a day to day basis.”

Indeed, the messages of these amazingly brave people tell of fears, self-doubts, and labels for society that stop most of us from living happier lives. And we thank them for telling their story.

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h/t indulgd

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