Politicians of the World Are Given a Man Bun


When @FigDrewton uploaded a photo of Donald Trump with a man bun to Twitter, the Internet applauded. Design crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd followed up by hosting a contest, asking their community to imagine what other politicians and world leaders might look like with a man bun.

A total of 101 submissions were received and some of them were pretty hilarious. Below are some cool ones, but you can check out all of the entries on DesignCrowd (see winners here).


if-politicians-had-man-buns-27 if-politicians-had-man-buns-26 if-politicians-had-man-buns-25 if-politicians-had-man-buns-24 if-politicians-had-man-buns-22 if-politicians-had-man-buns-21 if-politicians-had-man-buns-20 if-politicians-had-man-buns-19 if-politicians-had-man-buns-18 if-politicians-had-man-buns-17 if-politicians-had-man-buns-16 if-politicians-had-man-buns-15 if-politicians-had-man-buns-14 if-politicians-had-man-buns-13 if-politicians-had-man-buns-12 if-politicians-had-man-buns-11 if-politicians-had-man-buns-10 if-politicians-had-man-buns-9 if-politicians-had-man-buns-8 if-politicians-had-man-buns-7 if-politicians-had-man-buns-6 if-politicians-had-man-buns-5 if-politicians-had-man-buns-4 if-politicians-had-man-buns-3 if-politicians-had-man-buns-2 if-politicians-had-man-buns-1

via Twisted Sifter

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