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Point of Impact – Weird Faceplant Photography

It would be great to know what’s on a man’s mind while creating this kind of art, but Sandro Giordano‘s work is certainly worth a look or two, isn’t it?

faceplant_art_130814-1 faceplant_art_130814-2 faceplant_art_130814-3 faceplant_art_130814-4 faceplant_art_130814-5 faceplant_art_130814-6 faceplant_art_130814-7 faceplant_art_130814-8 faceplant_art_130814-9 faceplant_art_130814-10 faceplant_art_130814-11 faceplant_art_130814-12 faceplant_art_130814-13 faceplant_art_130814-14 faceplant_art_130814-15 faceplant_art_130814-16 faceplant_art_130814-17 faceplant_art_130814-20


  1. wiedemeijer

    Very Good!

  2. Emily

    Dat ASS!

  3. Spacemaker

    right, but you had clues…

  4. blazej

    What a funny art:) I was sure at the 3rd pic they are italians.

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