Earthly Mission

Plates With Nuclear Plants to Adorn Your Walls

Ufonaut Petak has been on a mission to Atomic Nucleus Germanicus and this is what he found:


In the past you were more likely to see windmills on those decor plates that are (were?) supposed to hang on people’s kitchen walls, but today belongs to nuclear energy (yet, hopefully the former will make their return).

This is indeed very well reflected by the slogan for the website Atomteller (“atom plates”). In German it goes like “Denkmäler des Irrtums – Hoffnung von Gestern – Folklore von Morgen,” which means “Monuments of error – Hope of yesterday – Folklore of tomorrow.”

Yes, we are hopeful.

porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-brokdorf porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-brunsbuttel porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-emsland porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-grafenrheinfeld porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-greifswald porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-grohnde porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-gundremmingen porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-hamm-uentrop porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-hamm-wurgassen porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-isar porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-krummel porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-mulheim-karlich porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-neckarwestheim porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-obrigheim porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-philippsburg porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-rheinsberg porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-stade porcelain-nuclear-reactors-plates-unterweser

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