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The Bigger Picture: Over the Margins of Iconic Album Covers

Web design company Aptitude has come up with a great set of images based on the concept of looking beyond the margins of some iconic album covers, and imagining what could be around them. Some really cool ones here, from the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen through Nirvana and Michael Jackson to Adele and Justin Brieber. (This was brought to us by Ufonaut Benyo. Thanks a lot dude!)



the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-1_021114 the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-2_021114 the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-4_021114 the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-5_021114 the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-7_021114 the-bigger-picture-famous-album-cover-art-aptitude-8_021114

Via Bored Panda, Laughing Squid

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