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Nemo’s Gardens: Underwater Biospheres Just in Case


Underwater gardens? Already a reality. With the help of agricultural experts, the Genova-based scuba diving company Ocean Reef Group has been trying to find new ways to produce food and created the garden of Nemo: an “ecological and auto-sustainable system” that thrives underwater.

“We’re growing everything that comes to your mind,” Luca Gamberini says, citing strawberries, lettuce, basil, tomatoes, and wild flowers as examples.

The idea is that underwater “biospheres” – soft plastic bubbles filled with air – could eventually provide the key to sustainably cultivating crops. (Watch video below pictures to find out more.)

nemo-garden-underwater-biosphere-2nemo-garden-underwater-biosphere-3 nemo-garden-underwater-biosphere-4

via Motherboard, Guardian

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