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Married Kama Sutra


“The Married Kama Sutra” by Simon Rich and Farley Katz is most probably the world’s least erotic manual, but will certainly make you smile. Accompanying captions introduce readers to new terms like “the interrupted congress” and “the waltz of the sloths”.

Check out some of the illustrations below, and purchase the book here.

married-kama-sutra-1 married-kama-sutra-2 married-kama-sutra-3 married-kama-sutra-4 married-kama-sutra-5 married-kama-sutra-6 married-kama-sutra-7 married-kama-sutra-8 married-kama-sutra-9 married-kama-sutra-10

via BuzzFeed, Design Taxi

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