Man Invents Biodegradable Water Bottle as an Alternative to Plastic


God, why all these great inventions end up in the dustbin? Or, in this case, why don’t they end up in the dustbin? Icelandic Product Designer Ari Jónsson has designed a water bottle that is made from algal, a product of algae. It’s 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. It keeps its shape until it’s empty and then it begins to decompose. Humans, why don’t you use this sort of thing instead of flooding your planet with plastic?

biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0a biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0b biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0c biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0d biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0e biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0f biodegradable-algae-water-bottle-ari-jonsson-0g

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