Man Builds Mysterious Chicken Church in the Middle of Indonesian Jungle


Photo: Uzone

Buried deep inside the Indonesian jungle is a giant chicken. The long abandoned building, locally known as Gereja Ayam (Chicken Church), is a popular tourist attraction in the hills of Magelang, Central Java.

However, according to its creator, Daniel Alamsjah, 67, the building is neither a chicken nor a church. Daniel says he was working in Jakarta when he suddenly received a divine message from God to build a prayer room in the form of a dove. “Perhaps because of my Christian faith, people thought I was building a church,” he said. “But it’s not a church. I was building a prayer house, a place for people who believe in God.”

The building is only 70 percent complete as of now, but Daniel believes he will be able to finish his masterpiece one day.


Photo: Alek Kurniawan


Photo: Alek Kurniawan


Photo: Alek Kurniawan


via Oddity Central, Open the World

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