Earthly Mission

Living Paintings


Meet Alexa Meade who turns living, breathing people into characters in oil paintings. She applies acrylic paint to the surfaces of people, objects, and walls in a broad brushstroke that mimics the appearance of brushwork in a painting in a technique that she innovated. When the three-dimensional tableau is viewed in a two-dimensional photograph, it appears to be an oil painting.

Alexa-Meade-000b Alexa-Meade-00c Alexa-Meade-001 Alexa-Meade-002 Alexa-Meade-003 Alexa-Meade-004 Alexa-Meade-005 Alexa-Meade-006 Alexa-Meade-007 Alexa-Meade-008 Alexa-Meade-009 Alexa-Meade-010 Alexa-Meade-011 Alexa-Meade-012 Alexa-Meade-013 Alexa-Meade-014 Alexa-Meade-015 Alexa-Meade-016 Alexa-Meade-020 Alexa-Meade-021 Alexa-Meade-022 Alexa-Meade-023 Alexa-Meade-024 Alexa-Meade-025 Alexa-Meade-026 Alexa-Meade-027 Alexa-Meade-028 Alexa-Meade-029 Alexa-Meade-030 Alexa-Meade-031 Alexa-Meade-032

Via The Design Inspiration

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