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Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job


Are you at the right (work)place? German online recruitment agency ran a campaign back in 2006 that aimed to break people out of (through?) the mold and make them find the perfect job, if there’s such a thing. So guys, please don’t go down the hole.

life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_06life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_04 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_05 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_10 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_11life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_03 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_12 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_13 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_14life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_01 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_02 life_is_too_short_for_wrong_job_15

via Creative Guerilla Marketing

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