How Stuff Works Demonstrated as Imaginary Factories


Originally from mainland China, Jing Zhang is an illustrator living in East London, the epicenter of a sort of buzz that’s rather different from what you experience in China. And perhaps it was exactly the interaction of these very different experiences that finally resulted in her series titled Imaginary factories. Be it a smartphone, a cake, a camera or a cup of coffee, Zhang explains how different things work in the form of imagined workplaces that are both luvely and informative.

how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-1 how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-1b how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-2 how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-3 how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-3b how-stuff-works-demonstrated-as-imaginary-factories-4

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