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How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band?

Perhaps it is not too late to book some entertainment for your Christmas/New Year’s Party? You will definitely find someone here for your taste/wallet (prices range from a few thousand bucks to over a million). Madonna and Bruce Springsteen are out of the question for us this year…

band_hire_costs_241214_1 band_hire_costs_241214_1b band_hire_costs_241214_2 band_hire_costs_241214_2b band_hire_costs_241214_3 band_hire_costs_241214_3b band_hire_costs_241214_4 band_hire_costs_241214_4b band_hire_costs_241214_5 band_hire_costs_241214_5b band_hire_costs_241214_6 band_hire_costs_241214_6b

Via CoS

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